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Face-To-Face Classes

At DPMA, our most comprehensive learning aid is through Dr. Devesh Mishra’s one-on-one lectures. Our face-to-face offline classes are the perfect learning route for aspirants looking to enroll in a Pathology course in Delhi.

With diverse teaching methods and learning practices, Dr. Devesh’s expertise in the subject can make you the know-it-all in Pathology for all your upcoming entrance exams. With the offline lectures supplemented by other learning aid, you will learn with:

  • Prompt concept introduction
  • Active learning and in-depth understanding of concepts
  • Concept-oriented learning for maximum retention
  • Robust question-tackling approach
  • Thorough understanding of conceptual MCQs
  • Time-based answer derivation
  • Active doubt clearing sessions

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Our Exclusive Pathology App

Learning is complete only with thorough self-study. What better to help you navigate through complex Pathology topics than Our Exclusive Pathology App!

DPMA’s one-of-a-kind e-learning Pathology app charts the ranks as the Best Pathology App across the country. Launched by Dr. Devesh Mishra, it is available in both Android and iOS versions.

Our exclusive Pathology app offers several in-app learning options that are interactive, collaborative, target-oriented, and effective for long-term learning strategies. Explore some efficient learning options with our app for seamless preparation through remote learning as well!


Devaansh Publications

As your proper partners in learning, our efforts don’t end at coaching and learning methodology. Under Devaansh Publications, we also bring the most comprehensive study material that you can bank on.

Hard-printed Pathology Study Material, Pathology Question Banks, and other books in Concepts of Pathology are some of our bestsellers. Want to access comprehensive study notes for remote learning? You can download a soft copy or access our ebooks to get started.

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What else does DPMA offer?

Alongside efficient learning support for Pathology for your attempt at NEET-PG, DPMA brings a complete package to the table with a variety of learning aid and result-driven strategy tools.

Community-Based Learning

While self-study is crucial, studying with the best and keeping in touch with your competition can be a great booster. With DPMA’s online learning community at Facebook, you can interact with co-learners and gauge where you stand amidst your peers. Get a true insight into active learning by learning from and with the best!

Faculty’s Prime Expertise

Dr. Mishra’s years of expertise in teaching Pathology as a subject specifically for NEET-PG and other competitive exams brings some much-needed perspective to your learning strategy. The faculty at DPMA focuses not only on teaching the subject but also gives you a knack of how to learn, and what to carry forward. Dr. Devesh Mishra’s best-selling Pathology Guide Book is an additional bonus with exam-based questions that are frequently picked out for different exams from the book itself!

Latest Updates on Pathology

DPMA ensures you remain in touch with Pathology as a subject. We cover all bases to keep you up to date with any latest developments in exam patterns, revision strategy, important dates, and much more. Our YouTube channel is another aid to help cope with exam stress and stay focused for your preparation right till the end!

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